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Well, here I am on yet another Snow Day! I went to work last Tuesday, my first day back after Christmas, then I haven’t been back since, due to the snow! I’m getting to the point where it’s all getting pretty boring… I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but I really can’t wait to get back to work!

But, having said that, I’ve had a very productive day, today.

With Christmas out of the way, my mind starts looking ahead to St. Valentine’s Day. It’ll soon be here.

I’ve concocted a couple of new items;

This is the new mini bath ball – it doesn’t have a name yet. This bath ball is a cute little 3cm across! It has cocoa butter, hibiscus, rose and safflower petals, all finished off with a touch of pink glitter. This bath ball was designed for use by children, but it’s lovely for anybody to use.

This is a totally new product for Freyaluna… Introducing the all-new Bath Souffle! Also doesn’t have a name yet. This bath souffle is packed full of gorgeous ingredients; oatmeal, shea butter, rose petals, essential oils, again finished off with a touch off pink glitter and three beautiful pink rosebuds.

Both of these items will soon be available in the Freyaluna online shops at Folksy, and at My Ehive.

I’ve also already listed some gorgeous, romantic, luvvy-duvvy products for Valentine’s Day;

This is Love Potion Bath Heart

Bath Hearts are effervescent balls you add to your bath water. These hearts are hand made using the finest natural ingredients together with essential oils. We don’t believe in chemical colours, so they’re white in colour, but have a great fragrance and fizz.
The essential oils of rose and ylang-ylang will leave your skin feeling soft, sumptuous and gorgeous. A Love Potion Bath Heart, added to your tub first thing in the morning, is a wonderful way to start a romantic day!

This is Love Potion Bath Milk

This is sort of a powdered form of a bath ball, but with the added benefit of gorgeous skin-nourishing goat’s milk. The essential oils of rose and ylang-ylang will leave you feeling sensual, sumptuous and gorgeous, and the goat’s milk will nourish and soften the skin. This bath milk will fizzle slightly when you add it to a warm bath.

Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with a partner, or living the single life, what better way to celebrate than with a wonderfully relaxing bath.

Make time for yourself!

Lie back and enjoy!


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Cosmetic Candy

Here I am to blow my own trumpet again… Toot! Toot!

I realise that this article was written a while ago – 14th December 2009 – but I’ve only just found it!

Anyway, Freyaluna’s Simple Pleasures Massage Bar was featured on Cosmetic Candy.com. Check it out here.

That was a little quick one, wasn’t it! Bye for now.

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Queen Bee

This is just a little mini-post to enable me to blow my own trumpet for a minute… Toot! Toot!

I’m so excited!

In my last post I was talking about setting up my Freyaluna shop on MyEhive.com. Well, I’ve just found out that I’m their ‘Queen Bee’ for January. This basically means that I’m their featured seller on their blog; The Cocoon.

Check it out at http://cocoon.myehive.com/

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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone.

Sorry I haven’t written for a while; very naughty of me, I know! I have to confess, I’ve been indulging myself with two weeks of holiday over the festive period. I was working myself so hard in November and December that I decided I’d have a rest while I had the chance… Can you really blame a girl for a bit of indulgence? I say NO!

Anyway, now it’s the new year, the festivities are over and forgotten, and its everyone back to work. (If you’re not back in work yet, please don’t tell me, I’ll only have to hate you and I’m really not in a hating kinda mood). I don’t know about any of you other crafters, but I find January is generally a quiet time when it comes to sales. This is always my downfall. Quiet times are ideal times to stock-pile. You know what I mean; you make a mad load of stock ready for when sales start to pick up again. Well, as I make natural skincare products it’s not really a good idea to stock-pile. There are no chemical preservatives in any of my products so its better to use them as fresh as possible, therefore, I make small batches as and when I need to.

So what do you do with your quiet times? I hear you ask! A very good question, thankyou for asking.

The answer is… I think! Thinking is a very dangerous thing to do, in my experience. Thinking can lead to all sorts of problems. Thinking leads to new ideas… for products… and for plans for the future… and for marketing… and for branding… and for new avenues of crafting…and… and… and… and for… world domination!

Sorry, that last one just slipped out.

You may not believe me, but it really is awful! I really try to stick to one line of craft: natural skincare. You know what they say “Jack of all trades and master of none”. I really don’t want to be a Jack, I want to be a master! But it’s really difficult. I want to do all sorts of things. I’ll see something in a shop or catalogue and I think ‘I could make that!’ Or if I want a new decoration or soft furnishing for my home I’ll make it. Then, you know what happens… friends or family say “that’s really nice, will you make me one?!” And before you know where you are, you’ve got another sideline to your business! And this is my problem when I have quiet times. I have a chance to make new things, and try new techniques.

Well, ta ta for now… I’m just off to dig out my sewing machine!

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