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All Set

So, my first market of the year  is on tomorrow. I’m glad to say, I think I can stop panicking now. I think I’m pretty much ready for it.

After quite a fight yesterday, I think I even beat the evil printer. I managed to print my labels, in the right colours and without any horrible black ink blotches (yes, that was one of his tactics!) Though I’m sure I’ve only won the battle, and not the war, as today he is being just as troublesome!


For the market tomorrow, I have some lovely new items! I’ve packaged some bath salts adding those cute little wooden scoops I bought in Bruges.

Here they are…

I think they look really good! (Even if I do say so myself!)

I also managed to lay my hands on some small jute gift bags so I’ve packaged up some products to make little gift sets. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

I love dreaming up and making new products and items! I’ve got loads in my head for this year! Yesterday I experimented with a new massage bar called Walking On Air. It has gorgeous, skin-nourishing cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil, and essential oils of orange, lavender, sandalwood, rose and frankincense… Mmmmm! Yummy scrumptious! I’ll introduce her properly when I have had a chance to test her (the best part of the job is trying all of the products before putting them for sale!).


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Last week my lovely man took me away for a long weekend, it was his Christmas present to me. We went to Bruges, in Belgium for three days. It’s an absolutely beautiful city and I would definitely recommend it to anybody!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, it would seem that even on holiday I’m thinking about my crafting! Don’t get me wrong, when I’m holiday I know how to relax and not think about work and stuff at home. But there’s always a part of me that’s doing market research or looking for new product ideas.

So… We went into one shop that had absolutely everything you could ever imagine needed or wanting for use around the home! And I found some absolutely adorable little wooden scoops! They are so cute!

Ok, I know, I’m a little bit sad for getting so excited about something so ‘dull and boring’, but I love them. I’m going to use them to tie to bags of bath salts, bath milks, etc.

The other great find I had, was these little fellas…

Foot-shaped pumice stones! I’m going to package these in with some foot products to make little gift sets.

There’s nothing like a few days away to come back refreshed and bursting with new ideas!

Those of you worried about my poor man while I’ve been thinking about business matters while on holiday, fear not! We had a wonderful time, we didn’t want to come home. I have to say, I think I’ve got him quite well-trained now, he was helping me with my ideas while we were away.

I’m just going to throw in a bit of soppy-ness now… A big thankyou to my man for taking me away for a lovely weekend, and for supporting me in my endeavors.

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I recently received a custom order through my folksy shop. A lovely lady (Catherine at handknit) wanted to bulk order a variety of our cupcake bath melts, to add to some gift sets she’s making up.

So I’ve made up a new batch!

These cupcakes are now packaged and ready and waiting to be sent on their way to their new owner first thing tomorrow morning. But I just had to share them with you all!

So, here they are…

Mmmm! Cupacke Bath Melts!

Here is a selection of Rose, Chocolate Orange, and Vanilla Chocolate Cupcake Bath Melts.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the luxury that is a Freyaluna Cupcake Bath Melt (poor you!), these are truly a decadent bathing experience! The mixture of natural butters and oils in these gorgeously girly Bath Melts melt all over your body to leave your skin sumptuously soft.

They look almost good enough to eat! I wouldn’t recommend tasting them though. Take it from one who knows, essential oils do not taste nice!

Of course, these cupcake bath melts are available in my Folksy shop, as well as in my MyEhive shop.

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I’ve just realised that it has been about three weeks since I last blogged! How remiss of me.

Well, I’m here now.

I’ve had a bit of good news today; I have finalised the date of the soap-making workshop I’ll be running this year. I’m running a day-long workshop teaching melt and pour soap-making, at Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s headquarters in Shrewsbury. The date we agreed is Saturday September 11th. Its a bit of a way off yet, but at least it’s booked in my diary now.

As it says in the Wildlife Trust’s marketing bumpf…

“Learn how to make soap using the melt and pour method. You will have complete control over the products you make, from weighing and mixing ingredients, creating blends of essential oils, tweaking the recipes and designing your own special variations. We will also be experimenting with colouring techniques and special effects. No previous experience is necessary.”

Hopefully that makes the workshop sound like really good fun and totally irrisistable, so that I get lots of people signing up!

I ran one of these workshops last year, around the same sort of time, and feedback has been very positive. I do love to share my crafting so I can only hope that my workshops will continue to be requested.

If you would like to sign up for this soap-making workshop you can do so through the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

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