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Thursday night saw my last market event of the Christmas season.  I’m glad to say, I ended on a high!

For a start, the weather was in our favour; no rain all night (a miricle in itself), and it wasn’t too cold either.

We were at the Wrexham Victorian Christmas Market in the grounds of St. Giles Church, near the town centre. I thought it was going to be a bit of a chilly one; we were there from two in the afternoon, until 8:00pm. But I can safetly say, it was a good’n. There were loads of customers, especially after 6pm when everyone had finished work.

So with my last market behind me I get a bit of time with myself. Of course, I still have the last-minute Christmas shopping to do, and I’m still in work until next Friday, but right now, I’m loving being able to choose what I want to do, rather than looking down the (very long) list of things I need to do. I can sit down with a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles) and the latest copy of Country Living magazine. Wasting hours with a bit of self-indulgence.

Good times.


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What’s Next?

Having got through this weekend, I now look forward to the next. And what have I got to do?

Next weekend is Erddig’s Christmas market. Erddig is a National Trust house and gardens, a few miles from where I live. For the three weekends in December they hold Christmas markets on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

Last year I was feeling adventurous so I did all three weekends. It was good fun, and we sold a lot of stock, but, to be honest, it was just too much work. What with spending the weekends at the markets, as well as a few other markets during the week, and spending week days making… I had no time for myself, and no time for Christmas shopping!

So, this year I’m just doing the first weekend. Which is this weekend coming!

Can you believe it’s really December tomorrow!

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As all maker/sellers are aware, the run up to Christmas is a very busy time of year; there are all of the craft markets, orders, etc to get through, which means that not only do you have to devote a whole day of your time to sitting in a village hall/marquee/wooden chalet for a market (I find it helps to take work that can be completed while you’re sitting there – labelling, sewing, or whatever), you also have to find time to make all the items that you wish to sell. There’s no point being at a market if there’s nothing to display on your table! All this, as well as working (only part-time thank God!), and trying to have, even an inkling of, a life.

So where am I going with all this ranting? Well, today is one of those days where good plans have gone out of the window. I had my day planned down to the finest detail.

8am – in work to make the children’s breakfasts and get them to school.

9am – leave work (all well and good in theory. A little boy wouldn’t leave his mum and settle in playgroup, I stepped in to let his mum get off to work. I was then stuck there for an extra 20 minutes)

10am – go to the church to set up the Freyaluna Christmas tree, but I get home from work at half past 9, to find my driving instructor sitting in his car on my drive. Arrrgh! I could have sworn my lesson was tomorrow! That’s a whole hour of my day that I hadn’t accounted for.)

So it is now 11am and I’m just quickly writing this before heading off to the church. Then this afternoon I’ve got to do a stock-check to make sure I’ve got enough products to take to a Christmas market on Saturday. I really hope I have got enough, or I’ll be REALLY busy tomorrow!

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It’s that time of year again.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, etc, etc.

This weekend is the local, annual Christmas tree festival at the village church. Groups and businesses from around the village are invited to decorate a tree and display it in the church for the weekend. It is quite a spectacle when the church is filled with some 30 to 40 decorated Christmas trees.

Never one to do the expected norm, I have spent the last hour out in my garden, in the pouring rain, searching for the perfect tree for Freyaluna to decorate. I have assessed each tree in turn; oak, ash, hawthorn (perhaps a bit prickly), beech, willow, holly (also a bit prickly), etc. to find a branch to be my Christmas tree.

You may think this would be a simple task; find a branch, cut it from the tree, stick it in a pot, decorate. All very simple. But no! There are many things to consider. For example, the height at which the branch will stand when in a pot – is it too tall, or too short. The shape of the branch and how many smaller branches come from it – are there enough places to hang decorations? The look of the branch – does it have attractive bark, or is it ripped and tatty-looking? All very important considerations. Perfectionist? Moi? Perhaps.

In the end I chose a branch from a willow tree. It is now in my conservatory drying off a bit. Tomorrow will be the day of decorating, ready for the festival on friday.

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