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I’ve had a day to myself today, so I decided to make some soaps. I’m going to be teaching some soap-making workshops soon, so I thought I’d make some examples to show to the students.

I was using the melt and pour method of soap-making so I’ve ended up with lots of different colours, shapes and fragrances. I thought I’d them with you…

This little butterfly soap is made from clear soap base with red and blue liquid dyes dispersed through the base to give a random, un-uniform look.

This is a large heart-shaped soap made from clear soap base. I’ve added green liquid dye and some poppy seeds for exfoliation.

This gorgeous little cupcake smells devine. Both parts are made from clear soap base. The base section has shea butter and powders goat’s milk, and is scented with vanilla extract. To the strawberry part I added poppy seeds and red liquid dye, and scented it with raspberry fragrance oil (I didn’t have any strawberry!)

This large, round, sunny soap is made from clear soap base. I’ve added powdered goat’s milk, calendula petals, and grapefruit essential oil for it’s sunny scent and detox properties. I’ve also added, as you may have noticed from the photo, a slice of loofah for exfoliation.

This little rose is so cute. It’s made from clear soap base. The top petal part has red liquid dye and vintage rose fragrance oil added. The lower part hass goat’s milk powder, red liquid dye, and vintage rose frangrance opil added.

A day well spent!


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I’ve just realised that it has been about three weeks since I last blogged! How remiss of me.

Well, I’m here now.

I’ve had a bit of good news today; I have finalised the date of the soap-making workshop I’ll be running this year. I’m running a day-long workshop teaching melt and pour soap-making, at Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s headquarters in Shrewsbury. The date we agreed is Saturday September 11th. Its a bit of a way off yet, but at least it’s booked in my diary now.

As it says in the Wildlife Trust’s marketing bumpf…

“Learn how to make soap using the melt and pour method. You will have complete control over the products you make, from weighing and mixing ingredients, creating blends of essential oils, tweaking the recipes and designing your own special variations. We will also be experimenting with colouring techniques and special effects. No previous experience is necessary.”

Hopefully that makes the workshop sound like really good fun and totally irrisistable, so that I get lots of people signing up!

I ran one of these workshops last year, around the same sort of time, and feedback has been very positive. I do love to share my crafting so I can only hope that my workshops will continue to be requested.

If you would like to sign up for this soap-making workshop you can do so through the Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

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